Before Moving In

  • What is an integrated microstudio?

    An integrated microstudio is a furnished living space that is thoughtfully maximised to achieve not only an aesthetic appeal, but also efficiency and practicality. Each integrated microstudio has its own bathroom and kitchenette and is well-ventilated and soundproofed as much as possible to give you the peace and privacy you deserve.

  • How can I rent an integrated microstudio?

    We’re glad that you’re interested! It’s a 4-step easy process: apply, select, pay, then move in.

    To get started, apply to become a resident by accomplishing the online application. If approved, submit documentary requirements and select your integrated microstudio. Once ready, sign the lease contract and pay for the initial fees. Finally, pack your stuff and move in to your new living space.

    You can email us at for assistance and more information.

  • What do you look for in an application?

    Our community is founded on mutual respect. We look for residents who will be responsible members of our community. Having mutual respect and sense of responsibility as a resident means that you will conform to community guidelines and will pay rent on time—a matter that can’t be stressed enough.

  • What documentary requirements do I have to submit?

    If your application is approved, you have to submit upon request documents that will prove your identity, employment, and financial capacity to pay the monthly fees.

    Documentary requirements include, but aren't limited to, government-issued or company IDs, employment certificate, most recent payslips, bank or credit card statements.

  • What are the terms of lease contract?

    Our terms are simple: 1-month advance rent, 1-month security deposit for a renewable 6-month lease contract. The advance rent will apply as your first month’s rent, while the security deposit will be returned upon move out.

  • How can I view in person an integrated microstudio?

    We host a series of open houses to allow interested individuals and groups to see our integrated microstudio building and the units.

    If you’re 100% sure about renting an integrated microstudio and don’t need a tour, just submit an application.

    You can email us at for assistance and more information.

  • Can I share an integrated microstudio with other people?

    You can share an integrated microstudio with just 1 person. Note though that there’s only 1 bed in all of our units; some are single-sized and others are double. Both residents will need to accomplish the application form and if approved, be legally responsible for the unit.

  • What are the initial fees I need to pay for before moving in?

    There are 2 fees you need to pay for before you can move in: advance rent, and security deposit.

    The security deposit is equivalent to 1 month’s rent and will be returned to you less the deductions upon move out.

  • How can I pay for the initial fees?

    Our integrated microstudio building is cashless. We accept payments through bank deposit, and check.

  • What are not allowed inside the integrated microstudio building?

    Kids aren’t allowed at any time. And as much as we like pets, we don’t allow them to live among our residents. Pets not allowed include but not limited to dogs, cats, fish, reptiles, or insects. You can’t cook as well over a direct flame.

  • How secure is each integrated microstudio and the building?

    Our resident staff routinely roams around the building, ensures that all entrances are secured, and makes sure that residents are safe 24/7. Entrance to the building is secured with a biometric lock that uses your fingerprint to unlock. Moreover, there are 32 HD surveillance cameras in and out of the building, making virtually all angles covered.

    You can also contact us for safety and security concerns quickly through our mobile hotline and online property management platform.

During Stay

  • How do I pay the monthly rent and for the utilities?

    You can pay your monthly rent using post-dated checks.

    Post-dated checks are required to be given upon lease contract signing.

  • What services can I avail of during my stay?

    Included in the 5-star property management are regular bathroom cleaning and other online services accessible through our online platform to help you with almost everything you need.

    Remember though that as a responsible resident, some things shouldn’t be passed on to our resident hospitality specialists.

  • Is there a curfew?

    No, there’s no point in locking you out of your own living space at 3 o’clock in the morning. But there’s a curfew on noise though. Again, our community is based on mutual respect. We always need to consider the impact on your neighbours.

  • Can I cook inside the integrated microstudio?

    We love to cook and we understand the joy and importance of being able to cook inside your living space. But as a fire safety measure, you are only allowed to cook using electric appliances. Your integrated microstudio comes standard with a microwave over by the way.

  • Can I have overnight guests?

    Absolutely! Guests are allowed to stay overnight. Any guest staying for more than 2 nights though must be registered at the front desk. We hope you understand that we reserve the right to deny guests if it negatively impacts our community.

  • Are there community activities I can participate in?

    We plan to cultivate an awesome culture in our community and hope to have engaged residents. There will definitely be activities you can participate in. And don’t worry, we won’t force you to join, but invitations will also be open.

  • What options do I have when going to and from places?

    One of our advocacies is to help in lowering the number of motor vehicles on the road. The integrated microstudio building is within walking distance to public transport. You can take a jeepney or a tricycle in front of the building, walk to a bus stop and or a train station. You can easily locate the building on Uber. And you can even just walk to BGC and Makati.

  • Are there nearby market and grocery?

    Very close to the integrated microstudio building are public markets, supermarkets, and convenience stores. You can commute to malls nearby as well.

When Moving Out

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